A pink office Chair is now available in Tel Aviv, the US says

Tel Aviv: US President Donald Trump has signed a decree ordering the government to begin production of a pink office chairs that will be available for sale at all retail outlets in Israel, the White House said Tuesday.

The US Department of Defense on Monday ordered the Israeli government to create the pink office furniture for the US military, the administration said in a statement.

The order allows the Pentagon to get started with the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

A pink office set in the United States is seen at a shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan, October 19, 2020.

The new design, created by the company called M3, will be sold at all US retail outlets including Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Toys R Us.

It is not yet clear when the furniture will be produced in Israel.

The pink furniture will come in different colors.

(Reuters photo: Koji Kato)The pink chairs, which will retail for $100, will feature a curved, curved, and flat shape.

The chair is made of leather and will feature an adjustable height that will adjust to fit different sizes.

“The President’s Executive Order will facilitate the production of this innovative design,” said US Army Lt.

Gen. Matthew C. Stokes, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for global security and readiness.

“This will be an effective way for the Department of the Army to quickly meet the growing needs of the US Army and its allies in the region.”

The chair is a major milestone for the Pentagon in its effort to replace the worn-out office chairs seen in many countries, including Israel.

Israel already has some of the best-selling office chairs in the world, and a new design will likely bring the chairs back to life.

The chairs will be made from durable materials, and will have the added benefit of allowing the President to relax in a more comfortable chair during meetings.

The chairs were first introduced by Israel’s M3 furniture company in 2015, and were introduced to the US last year as part of a new US program to sell US military-grade office furniture.

The move by the US to sell the furniture abroad is in response to a demand by Israel for the chairs to replace worn-outs office furniture in the US, which has a shortage of chairs due to a military strike.US lawmakers have also been pushing the Trump administration to make a green, or environmentally friendly, option for US military use, including the green chair.

The chair will be a major advancement in the White Houses efforts to provide the US with a more sustainable way to use military-quality office furniture, said Sarah Williams, a senior policy analyst at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank.

“It is also a big step forward in the effort to bring some of these pieces of military-related equipment to the American people,” she said.

“It’s an example of how the Trump Administration has been working to build relationships with Israeli businesses and to encourage innovation and innovation in American businesses.”

A senior White House official said that the new design was not the first time the Trump team has created a high-end, durable, and environmentally friendly chair.

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