England 1-1 France: Six things to know from the France v England match

England have been thrashed 4-1 by France in their opening World Cup qualifier in the capital Paris, as the home team were held to a goalless draw by a second-half scoreline.

The result leaves the hosts in second place in Group B and puts them on a collision course with Argentina for second place, with France two points behind them.

A late goal from France captain Paul Pogba saw England go ahead in injury time, but a late penalty from France’s Edinson Cavani saw England concede the lead in the 89th minute.

It was a far cry from the impressive opening day of the tournament, when England scored twice in the first 15 minutes and also managed to break the deadlock in the second half.

“It’s a different game today,” said England manager Roy Hodgson.

“It was probably the worst day of our careers against France.

We were very, very poor today.”

I’ve been thinking about how good England have become with that squad, and I think the players have improved tremendously since then.

“This is a very important game for England.

It’s the World Cup final, and they have the advantage of the home fans and the travelling fans.

They are the big winners.”‘

It’s been a difficult first week’Mourinho said the England players were not used to being in such a difficult position but he said it was important for the team to learn from the mistake and improve.

“There is no need to dwell on the past, it’s been quite a difficult day,” Mourinho said.

“I’ve just had a couple of chats with the players, we have had to adapt and learn from it.”

We are not the first team to have a bad first week, but it was very difficult, and we have to improve.

“There are many lessons to learn, and now we have got to take the positives from it and put them into practice.”

If you’re not used in such tough situations, you cannot be perfect.

I think we have learned from this and we are going to take it on the pitch.”‘

The ball was in our own net’It was the home side’s second-ever loss to a team from outside the European Champions League group stage, with the defeat leaving them one point behind Argentina in second position.

But they have struggled to hold onto that advantage in the run-in to the match, with both goals coming from the penalty spot.”

When we score from corners, the ball is always in our area, so it’s the same for all the goals. “

We have a lot of players that are good in the box, but we didn’t score any goals.”

When we score from corners, the ball is always in our area, so it’s the same for all the goals.

The ball was very close.

“The only thing we can do is improve.”‘

We were underdogs’The hosts are unbeaten in their last seven World Cup qualifying matches, with a 0-0 draw with Mexico and a 3-2 win over Argentina in their previous outing at the World Stadium.

“To win the game against France and get on the board early was very important,” said Fabio Borini.

We didn’t play well enough to be happy with our first win.”‘”

You can’t get too confident and not try and play with more intensity.

We didn’t play well enough to be happy with our first win.”‘

This is what you dream of’It has been a tough first week for the players as the World Football Association, the governing body of football, has been criticised for its handling of the England-France match.

“They didn’t want to send a message to England and said they didn’t like it, but now that the game is over, they have changed their minds,” said the Italy striker.

“They want to give us a game and say it was the worst performance we have played in a while.”

But that doesn’t change what we had to do against a very tough team and a team that was not prepared to accept defeat.

“When you are playing with a good team, you can take it, as long as you play well.”‘

A real shame’Matic and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have been linked with a move to Manchester United and their current manager, Louis van Gaal, has also spoken of his frustration at the lack of attacking play in the squad.

“A real pity, because we are in such good shape and there is a real desire to play well,” Mourinho added.

“If you think about the World Cups, we played well against Italy, we did well against Argentina, we won a World Cup against Brazil.

But this is what we dream about, and you are the only team that can beat us.”

For me, this is a big disappointment.

But you know that the players will be ready for anything.

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