Google’s Remote Office app for Android will soon be compatible with Google Home device

Google’s remote office app for iOS and Android will finally support Google Home devices soon, the company announced today.

Remote Office for Android, a collaboration tool designed to streamline collaboration across Google’s products, will soon include support for Google’s Home devices and can be used with the Google Assistant.

Google Home, Google’s standalone smart speaker, will also be able to access the Google Remote Office service.

Google Remote office also supports iOS and Mac computers, although it only works on those platforms with a paid Google account.

The Remote Office feature will be available in beta and will be fully supported on the Google Home version of the app for now, Google said.

Google has been experimenting with remote work for a while, but hasn’t been able to integrate it into its products until now.

Google is already working with Google Assistant to make remote work easier for developers, but Google Assistant can’t access the Remote Office interface.

Google also announced a number of new Google services today, including new Google Maps and Google+ apps, Google Cloud Print and Google Docs.

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