What’s the difference between an Indian officer and a police officer in the UK?

Police officers in India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, often earn much less than their counterparts in Britain.

However, there are exceptions.

In London, a police constable is paid between £18,000 and £22,000 ($28,000 to $42,000) a year.

A constable from the West Midlands has a base salary of £18.70 per hour.

At the top of the British police pay scale, the constable in the West of England earns about £35,000 per year.

A constable with a higher rank, which is equivalent to the rank of senior constable, in Scotland earns between £20,000-£23,000.

But this is not the only exception to the pay scale.

As India’s GDP is about 10 times higher than Britain’s, police officers in both countries receive a higher salary than their peers in Britain, even though they are much less likely to commit serious offences.

For example, the average salary of a constable working in London is £33,500 ($55,000).

That’s less than a third of the average income of a police inspector working in Scotland.

And while the police constables in India earn less than the British equivalent, the difference is so small that it is hardly noticeable.

“It’s not an issue, except in some areas, where there are different pay scales,” said a senior police official in London.

The police officer’s salaries in India vary according to their rank, according to the Indian Government’s National Commission for Police Training and Development.

Some police officers earn as little as £10,000 a year in London, while a constee in Scotland earning as much as £25,000 in England is not that different to a constail in India earning between £17,000-$19,000 (a figure that has not changed over the years).

Police officers in Scotland and England often receive more for their hard work than their Indian counterparts, according a study commissioned by the Indian Police Service.

According to the commission, a constain in Scotland can expect to earn about £23,600 ($35,600) a season.

In London, the rate is £22 and a constaine in Scotland is earning about £30,000, a figure that is comparable to that of an inspector in India.

Police officer salaries vary by rank, as do their rates of arrest.

In India, the maximum rate of arrest for an accused person is three years and four months, whereas in England it is six years and eight months.

The rate for an alleged criminal is 10 years and one month, whereas it is 15 years and two months for an official, according the Indian Commission for Reform of Criminal Justice.

There are some exceptions, however.

In Northern Ireland, where the average police salary is just over £8,000 each year, a deputy constable can earn more than £25.50 per hour, while in Scotland the same job is worth more than about £32,000 annually.

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