Medical office desks at MSK offices set to be removed from public view

The State Government of South Korea will remove all of its public office desks from the public view at its offices by April 20, the Office of the Medical Office’s Board of Directors said.

The boards of directors of the Office, the Ministry of Health, and the Office for Health and Welfare will hold a meeting on the issue on Thursday to decide how to proceed, the board said in a statement on Sunday.

The desks, located on the third floor of the state government’s Office of Health and welfare, were removed last year, when a number of office furniture and appliances were found to have been missing.

On the heels of that, a number other offices, including the State Government’s Health Bureau, were set to also be removed, although some of them will be able to stay in the public space, such as the office of the chief medical officer.

In a recent blog post, the Health Bureau said that the boards of the three agencies have agreed to a plan to “restructure and reduce the number of desks in public places.”

The plan, which the boards are discussing, is designed to allow the offices to “reserve space for a small number of offices” to remain open, according to the board.

The Office of Medical Office has not announced when the desks will be removed.

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