Milton, Missouri, office equipment is being sold at auction

A Milton, Mo., man who says he was robbed of his office equipment by a man who told him to “buy some of my shit” is selling his home for $9,000.

Jason K. Smith told The Associated Press that he went to pick up a new desk and a chair from a home in Milton, about 30 miles south of St. Louis, to replace the chairs that were damaged in a burglary.

Smith said he paid $932 for the chairs, but the thief said he was just going to throw them away and never buy any of them.

Smith is selling the home to pay for a $3,500 security deposit, which he plans to use to buy furniture.

Smith’s father, Thomas, is the owner of the home.

He said he’s not surprised Smith is willing to sell his home, saying that if he had to pay a fee for his equipment, he would.

The man, whose identity was not immediately released, also told Smith he was going to use the money to buy the furniture.

The stolen equipment included a television, a printer, a video monitor and a printer that are not covered by insurance, Smith said.

The suspect fled after the theft.

Smith told the AP that he doesn’t think the theft was random, saying he was not expecting the money.

He’s hoping to get the equipment back soon, he said.

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