‘Portal’ to Launch in China in 2019

The new version of the popular social network Portal, which is also the official portal for Microsoft and Google, will launch in China next year.

The announcement was made in a press conference held today at the Shanghai office of the company.

Portal, the company’s social media platform for Chinese users, is based on Microsoft’s Azure platform, which it purchased for US$6.5 billion in September 2017.

It also includes Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform and Google’s Google Cloud Platform.

It has a community of more than 250 million users.

Portal’s first product, a virtual private network (VPN) called X-ray, will also be available to Chinese users in 2019.

X-Ray will allow users to share and control video, music and other multimedia on a local area network with the same ease as they do with their own personal Wi-Fi.

The new portal also features a new look and feel, and includes new features that will bring the platform closer to the Chinese audience.

The launch of Portal comes as China’s government has been working to encourage foreign companies to work with Chinese companies.

China’s state-owned enterprises have been investing heavily in tech companies in recent years, but some of the investments have been aimed at expanding domestic industries and companies, as well as to develop new technology.

Chinese government-owned companies are also among the most aggressive foreign buyers in tech.

Microsoft and Facebook have been both a part of the Chinese government’s effort to encourage investment in tech, with the companies both investing heavily and promoting local technology.

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