What is a physician assistant?

I’m in my office, and I see a patient with a severe headache.

I say, “Hey, this is Holly, she has a headache.”

She’s like, “Oh, yeah, yeah.

Oh, yeah.”

I said, “I know she has some medications that may be causing her pain.”

I explained that to her.

She said,, “But I can’t take those medications.”

So, I’m like, Oh, wow.

She’s really stressed, but she’s in pain.

And she needs an appointment.

I go to her appointment and she’s fine, but her headache isn’t getting better.

So, she goes back to me, and she says, “No, no, no.

I need to be seen by a specialist, and the specialists said it’s not her headache.”

So I said to her, “You’re right, it’s your headache.

You can take your medication.”

She goes, “Okay, but I can take my pain medicine.”

I go, “What?


It’s not going to help.

It’s going to be worse.”

She said to me like, I know, I don’t know what to say, but this is so unfair.

And I’m thinking, Wow, what am I supposed to do?

So, Holly says to me: “I’m a physician.

I can see you for a headache, but my pain is terrible.”

So Holly is on the phone to a doctor.

He comes to my office.

He’s really good.

He said, You know what?

Holly, I think you need to take your pain medicine.

She goes into my office and I say to her like, What?

I don’ know what you need.

He says, What if it’s a cold?

Holly goes in and she starts taking her medication, and her pain goes down.

So I’m a bit surprised by this, but it makes me laugh.

Holly the office is one of my favorite places to work.

Holly is the best.

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