When do I need to get my license?

In the beginning of the month, we asked some drivers in Jerusalem’s central business district for their thoughts on the license renewal process.

Some of them said it’s too early to tell if the government is trying to change the status quo.

The driver who asked not to be named because he doesn’t want to get involved said, “In the first days, it was very hard for people to renew licenses.

I understand the need to protect people, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the future.”

He said he’d have to be more selective in his applications, because of the potential for problems with a number of agencies.

In his view, the renewal process should be more thorough and transparent, he added.

A driver in the nearby industrial area who did not want to be identified said the process is complicated and time-consuming.

“It takes months, not days, but sometimes weeks.

There’s a lot of bureaucracy,” he said.”

If I don´t renew, it will be more difficult to get a driver’s license.”

He added that the drivers he works with are also worried about the government´s intentions and its plans.

A taxi driver in a nearby business district said the renewal application process is cumbersome and complicated.

“The application is not even on the official website,” he explained.

“People are scared and nervous.

They don´te know what the government wants, what it will do with their licenses.””

They don´re happy if the application is delayed.

They want to know about the renewal, not to renew.”

An employee of a business in the same neighborhood said the government’s efforts to reform the license process are misguided.

“We already know that we can’t renew our licenses.

We have to pay more,” she said.

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