When you’re on vacation, don’t leave your job at the office

When you are on vacation and have to leave your office job, it can feel like a lost opportunity, says New Jersey unemployment office official John Hagan.

“It’s a little bit like a zombie,” he says.

“If you are there and you get a call, it’s like, ‘Where is my office?'”

In fact, Hagan says that when people leave their jobs at the local mall or mall office, they often find that the office is no longer there.

“When you are at the mall and you are in the mall, you don’t know where your office is,” he said.

So what happens if you need to get back to work?

Hagan recommends that if you are leaving work for a business trip or a trip abroad, you may need to return to the office or to the mall.

But, he warns, if you have to work while out of the office, you will have to get to work at the airport or at home.

The first step to getting your business back up and running, he said, is to be ready.

“We don’t want you to be on vacation,” Hagan said.

“And you should be out there working, whether it’s on your own or on the call.”

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