Which office vacancies should you fill?

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and The Associated Press asked more than 5,000 Americans about their top jobs, and here are the answers.1.

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative: As the nation’s top diplomat, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is the president’s top choice to replace outgoing Ambassador Susan Rice.

But there’s no guarantee Haley will be confirmed.

She has been dogged by allegations of lying to the Senate about her communications with the Russian ambassador.2.

Labor Department: Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta was the first African American hired by the Trump administration, and he has been criticized for not using his power to hire the best candidates, and not keeping the federal workforce together.3.

Interior Department: A Trump administration proposal to reduce the number of people in the Interior Department, which oversees energy production, mining, transportation and the environment, has been a target of congressional criticism.4.

Justice Department: President Donald Trump has called the Justice Department a “hellhole” and a “totally dysfunctional” institution.

The department is also facing criticism for a lack of diversity and for not prosecuting white supremacists.5.

Environmental Protection Agency: The EPA is the biggest source of federal environmental regulations.

But Trump has been pushing to eliminate the agency, and critics say it lacks the independence to implement Trump’s environmental policies.6.

Defense Department: The Trump administration wants to boost military spending, but critics have pointed out the military has little experience in the field of environmental regulation and has limited experience in fighting terrorism.7.

Education Department: Many schools and colleges are facing budget cuts and budget pressures that could jeopardize their ability to provide STEM education.8.

Labor and Human Resources: Trump wants to hire hundreds of thousands of new workers.

The labor and employment department has been under fire for not doing enough to recruit and train the best workers.9.

Justice and State Departments: Trump’s Justice Department has been accused of bias against white males, and a Trump administration review of the department’s handling of sexual assault allegations has raised questions about the justice department’s ability to enforce federal law.10.

Transportation Department: Trump has vowed to eliminate federal funding for railroads, and many have expressed concern that his plan to cut the size of the Department of Transportation is a threat to the industry.11.

Veterans Affairs: Trump campaigned on his promise to rebuild the Veterans Administration, and his administration has said he would restore services for veterans and their families.

But critics have noted that veterans often lack health care, housing and other support services.12.

Agriculture: Trump is a strong supporter of agribusiness, but his proposed cuts to agriculture are not well received by many farmers and ranchers.13.

Education: Trump plans to end federal funding to charter schools, which provide low-income students with affordable, private education.

The Trump Education Department has also been criticized in the past for not enforcing federal education standards, and some lawmakers have said it is too dependent on school districts.14.

Interior and Environment: Trump promised to cut more than $5 trillion from the federal government, and environmental regulations and enforcement are a concern.

But some Interior and Environmental agencies have been praised for their efforts to protect the environment and the public health.15.

Defense and Veterans Affairs/Veterans Affairs: Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis have been criticized over their handling of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but they have been applauded for their work on the opioid crisis.16.

Health and Human Services: The Department of Health and Social Services has been one of Trump’s most effective agencies.

The agency has been credited with saving lives, and Trump has pledged to expand access to health care.17.

Environmental protection: Trump said during his presidential campaign that he wanted to “get rid of the regulations that are killing our economy.”

But critics say the Trump Administration has not yet fulfilled his pledge.18.

Health care: The Republican Party has promised to repeal Obamacare, and it is unclear how Trump’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will affect the federal health care system.19.

Housing and Urban Development: The President has said his administration will rebuild the nations housing and urban fabric, and the Trump White House has made the case that the government should not be in the home mortgage lending business.20.

Education and the arts: Many students in the arts have been pushed out of high school because of budget cuts, and there are concerns about the Trump-era education agenda.21.

Foreign relations: Trump and his advisers have been slow to take action on the U-1 visa program, which allows U.K. citizens to travel to the U: the U., and the U, but the Trump transition team has not said whether the U is part of that program.22.

Justice: Trump appointed Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, to take over the Justice department, and those efforts have been mixed.

The appointment has been met with criticism from Democrats

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