How to make a job interview more fun

By JOSH EDELSON, Associated Press writerA: For the first time, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been able to break down the jobs Americans want most, finding that more than four in 10 want to work in a business where they make a “significant contribution” to the company’s bottom line.

In a report released Thursday, BLS said the jobs demand for most Americans has increased over the past decade and that most Americans want to be part of a team, or a family that works.

“When people feel they can make a significant contribution to their company’s business, they will have a higher probability of receiving a job offer,” BLS economist Robert Pollack said in a statement.

“There are many opportunities out there to help others succeed, and to build a strong team.”

In a second report released Friday, BBS said the number of people seeking work is up, but not nearly as much as the BLS had expected.

BLS estimates that 1.1 million people have applied for jobs in recent weeks, compared with 1.0 million in December.

The number of jobs available has grown by roughly 10,000 since December, when the agency had predicted there would be fewer than 400,000 jobs available for December.

That’s because of a decline in the number and intensity of job searches.

There are more job seekers now than in December, but fewer than they were before the recession began, said BBS economist Ryan Noll.

More people are working full-time than were working in December in nearly every industry.

The percentage of Americans who are either employed or actively looking for work is down from a peak of 64.9 percent in December 2007.

BBS’ analysis of data from the Bureau for Economic Analysis (BEA) shows the number working full time is down by 1.4 percentage points, from 66.4 percent in January 2007.

The number of Americans not working is down 1.2 percentage points from the lowest point in January 2009.

In the private sector, the number looking for a job is down a bit, but the number actively looking is up.

The share of Americans working part time is up 0.6 percentage points since December 2007, while the share working full is up 1.6 points.

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