Walmart is opening up about hiring and firing staff in its U.S. offices

Walmart announced Thursday that it is expanding its hiring and termination policies, announcing a policy to allow workers to choose whether or not to apply for a job.

The new policy states that employees may choose whether to apply and, if successful, to apply again, after which the employer can either offer a promotion or offer them a job with no further action.

This policy is the first of its kind in the industry.

The company said that the new policy will allow employees to discuss their decision to apply with the manager of their company, and then allow them to apply as long as they agree to have that discussion with the company.

This is a major change from other companies that have only allowed employees to make this decision when making a hiring or firing decision, such as with the hiring of a new CEO.

Walmart said that its new policy allows employees to take a company survey and have it recorded and used by managers, who can then discuss with employees the decision to work at Walmart, as well as any other matters that the company deems appropriate.

Walmart also said it will allow people to take part in these interviews, and if they don’t agree to participate in the interviews, they can leave.

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