What you need to know about the D.C. Police Department’s $1.2 billion budget proposal

The D.O.C.’s $1,216 million budget proposal is a blueprint for how police in the District should operate, according to the city’s Chief of Staff.

The budget plan includes $400 million for police services including $50 million for the District’s food stamp office.

The proposal includes $75 million for a district-wide “chief’s office,” which is similar to a deputy sheriff.

The chief’s office is responsible for supervising the police force, which will include additional officers on patrol.

The mayor’s office will also receive $75,000 to provide more staffing for the department.

Police in the nation’s capital are expected to spend $2.5 billion on services next year.

The $1 billion budget for police was originally released by Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office in June.

The Mayor’s Office said in its budget that $400,000 will go to the District to support food stamp recipients.

The city also plans to spend another $200 million on police-related projects.

The proposed budget calls for $200,000 for an office that will include more police officers and $150,000 in overtime for officers.

The department will also pay a $25,000 stipend to the families of those killed in police shootings, $50,000 each to those injured in police-involved incidents, and $50 a day to the mayor’s personal security detail.

The Chief of Police’s office has also been asked to work on a budget to improve the citywide health system.

The office is expected to receive $50 for the first six months of the year and another $100,000 a year after that, according a draft budget proposal obtained by the Washington Examiner.

It was not immediately clear whether the office would receive any additional funding.

The DPA also announced the creation of the District Police Community Relations and Engagement Team, which is tasked with developing strategic communication and outreach programs.

The team is to work with other police departments and with local nonprofits to identify and target local initiatives and initiatives to increase public safety.

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