‘We are so grateful’: Former Navy officer and co-host of the ‘Office’ podcast joins show for first time

SAN FRANCISCO – A former Navy officer who has co-created the Office of Naval Intelligence and helped launch a new national office of women has stepped down as host of “We Are So Grateful.”

Maj. Gen. Donna Burden, who retired from the Navy in 2015, will host the weekly show, which will focus on news, current events and current military policy.

She joined “We’re Proud to Be U.S.” as an anchor in 2014, and has also hosted “POTUS” and “Meet the Press.”

“We are excited to welcome Donna Burden to the team,” the Navy said in a statement.

“As a former military officer, Donna is a great addition to our team and is a passionate advocate for the women of the armed services.

She will continue to provide important and important content for ‘We Are Proud to be U.A.N.’s viewers, viewers and listeners.”

Burden has been a longtime supporter of the Women in the Armed Services (WASOS) organization, which advocates for the rights of women in the military and promotes diversity.

She also served as an adviser to President Donald Trump’s transition team.

Burden is the second woman to be appointed as an “office” anchor for the program, joining former White House correspondent Katie Couric in 2016.

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